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At Chapel Steel, we look at the industry with a fresh eye and the drive of a new generation. You can count on Chapel Steel to supply the right grade and the right size at the right price - delivered right on time, every time. Our services include consignment, jit, plasma cutting steel plate, plasma etching steel plate, oxy-fuel cutting steel plate and CAD


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  Steel Plate Specialists

At Chapel Steel, we provide steel plate for a wide range of industries and applications, including structural, carbon & HSLA steel plate, alloy & abrasion resistant steel plate, marine and offshore steel plate, pvq steel plate and armor & ballistic steel plate.

Marine and offshore steel plate products figure prominently in what we do. The shipping industry requires the highest grade corrosion resistant steel plate available, and Chapel Steel has provided industry with the finest raw material for over thirty years. The American Bureau of Shipping, or ABS certifies these grades of steel plate to an even higher standard than typical ASTM ratings. Chapel Steel carries ABS certified marine and offshore steel plate products, including ABS A and ABS B. Other grades include: ABS AH36, DH36, and EH36, in rolled or normalized states.  API 2H Grade 50 was originally developed for offshore oil rigging and carries an even higher grade specification than the ABS, monitored by the America Petroleum Industry. Now it has seen much wider use because of its high material standard. Finally, A633 is a normalized high strength low alloy structural steel plate used in coldwater applications where greater toughness is necessary.

Pressure Vessel Quality, or PVQ steel plate products, is a high performance grade of steel designed specifically to withstand the extreme forces of high pressure in applications such as blast furnaces or other uses where resistance to heat and pressure is vital. Our line of PVC steel plate products provides the best raw material for the most demanding industrial needs. SA 516 is the most popular industry standard. SA537 was designed to meet more stringent requirements for low temperature conditions. Finally, A283 and A 285 are the grades of PVC steel plate most commonly used for storage tanks or other low pressure, temperature controlled vessels.

Chapel Steel is dedicated to providing the highest grade of steel possible. We have the experience and the expertise to supply your industry with high grade marine and offshore steel plate products, pvq steel plate products, and a wide assortment of other high quality raw material to complete your most demanding projects. If you need steel plate specialists, choose Chapel Steel.

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Structural, Carbon & HSLA Steel Plate | A36 | A572 | A588 / A606 / A242 | A709 Grade 36, Grade 50, Grade 50W
CSA G40.21 44W | CSA G40.21 50W / 50A | A656 | 1045 | 33 MAX

Alloy & Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate | AR360 / AR400 | AR400F | AR425 / AR450 | AR400 Flat Bars
T-1 321 / T-1 360 | AR500 / AR500F | AR235 / AR200 / AR Medium | AR514 | TMCP 100 ksi min yield / Hiten 780LE

Marine & Offshore Steel Plate | ABS A / ABS B | ABS AH36 / DH36 / EH36 | API 2H Grade 50 | A633

PVQ Steel Plate | SA516 | SA537 | A283 / A285

Armor & Ballistic Steel Plate | Chapalloy Armor Plate | MIL-A 46100 | MIL-A 12560

CAT Specs | 1E0650 | 1E0577 | 1E0357 | 1E0170 | 1E0860 | 1E1839 | 1E1021 | 1E0653 | 1E0742 | 1E1006 | 1E1259
1E0065 | 1E1247 | 1E0682 | 1E1242 | 1E1863

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