Carbon, Structural & High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel Plate

Chapel Steel carries an extensive inventory of carbon, structural and HSLA steel plate. Carbon Steel is categorized into three subgroups including Low Carbon/Mild Steel (< 0.3% carbon content) Medium Carbon Steel (0.3 - 0.6% carbon content) and High Carbon Steel (> 0.6% carbon content). As the carbon content increases, the steel becomes harder and stronger but also becomes less ductile. Carbon steel plate applications include axle and gear plate manufacturing, cutting tools and railway components.

HSLA and Structural steel are types of alloy steel that provide better mechanical properties than basic carbon steel. HSLA and Structural steels are produced to meet both specific chemical and mechanical properties. Alloying elements such as silicon, chromium, molybdenum, boron, vanadium, nickel, vanadium, aluminum, etc. are added to alter the microstructure and to improve notch toughness and corrosion resistance. This enhanced manufacturing process also ensures greater yield and tensile strength. These grades of steel are designed to handle large amounts of stress and provide good strength-to-weight ratio. General applications include overhead cranes, railcar manufacturing, truck and bus frames. Structural applications include building components, bridges, wind and cellular communication towers.

Chapel Steel maintains an extensive inventory of Carbon, Structural and HSLA steel plate grades that meet both U.S. (ASTM) and Canadian (CSA) standards.

We offer the following Structural, Carbon & HSLA Steel Plate Products:

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